Florida Financial Solutions

In 1999, when I started in this industry, I was working for one of the largest credit card receivable companies. It did not take long to realize that having only one product to offer would not fit every business owner’s needs. I recognized that there were many good business owners being turned down by traditional banks. The truth is there are many excellent business owners that deserve credit if someone will just let them tell their story. Hearing these stories over the years is why I founded my company, Florida Financial Solutions, in 2006, and began assembling various lenders for different types of needs. Our lenders now can fulfill the unique sectors in the business industry by getting approval for owners with special needs, even those with sub-standard credit or those wanting to finance a new business venture, through my SBA PROGRAM. We are genuinely interested in getting approvals for owners that can demonstrate their unique strengths to own and operate their businesses.

Our mission is “Helping Customers Realize Their Business Dreams!” The idea of helping business owners grow and prosper is our goal.

Are you are a business owner looking for financing to improve your business? We would love to hear from you and maybe brainstorm some ideas with you.

If you would like more information contact us at 727-410-1585, or e-mail us at info@floridafinancialsolutions.com .