Lines of Credit

Our Working Capital Line of Credit allows you the ability to take up to 5 separate drafts over a four month period. You'll have the freedom to draw funds as they're needed, paying interest only on the money you take.

Your Line of Credit comes with:

  • Renewable Line of credit with 24 hour availability
  • Minimum monthly revenue must be $30,000.00
  • $15,000.00 - $725,000.00 with no collateral required
  • We lend up to 13% of your gross annual sales
  • 52 and 60 week term options are available
  • Manageable payments, that won't increase as your revenue grows
  • Fixed weekly ACH payments
  • No need to change credit card processing
  • Tax returns and financials are not required for loans under 300K for the restaurant / hospitality industry and under 150K for retail businesses
  • Interest paid is tax deductible
  • Only pay for the money you need
  • Quick access to capital with a minimum credit score of 650

If you're a small business owner seeking a line of credit with guaranteed rates, fixed terms, low rates, and affordable payments, Contact us at 727-410-1585, or e-mail us at .