Medical Lien Factoring

Florida Financial Solutions has programs that are designed for those providers and facilities who want to receive an immediate cash payment on procedures for underinsured or non-insured accident patients, thus eliminating the risk of non-payment or slow payments. Providers no longer have to choose between turning away an injured patient due to lack of insurance, or agreeing to assume the uncertainty of a personal-injury or workers'-compensation lien. This type of funding allows medical providers to practice medicine without the hassles involved in the lien collection process.

Medical Lien Funding is available for the following medical services: Emergency Room, Anesthesia, MRI’s, CT Scans, EMG/NCV Procedures, Spinal Injections, Pain Management, Inpatient and Outpatient Surgical Procedures, Implant Devices, Consultations and Treatment with Physician Specialists, Chiropractic and Physical Therapy.

One of the greatest challenges for medical professionals is managing their accounts receivable portfolio. Most medical providers accumulate receivables within the ordinary scope of their work, personal injury and workers compensation cases can take years to collect.

Our Funding Portfolio Purchase program allows medical providers and facilities to turn their medical lien receivables and workers compensation claims into instant cash. This program eliminates costly collections efforts and lengthy delays in the collections process. We understand the cash-flow struggles of healthcare providers and can quickly provide funding to pay necessary expenses such as payroll, marketing, equipment purchase and malpractice insurance. Our company specializes in personal-injury and workers'-compensation portfolio purchases.

Let us help you transform your non-performing receivables into cash today.

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